Those Who Beheld the End

by Denominate

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elcarohw This is their second release, and i guess and hope with a name change will bring them some good fortune, cause after listening to their first CD, i checked this out right afterwards and i had to buy it as well, cause its just that fucking good!!! The Fins deliver the goods once again, old school death metal done right!!! let the metal flow \m/\m/
CD UPGRADE!!! Favorite track: Torments of Silence.
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Denominate's new album, “Those Who Beheld the End” is an album that further hones Denominates sound towards the progressive. “Those Who Beheld the End” has a more polished sound and experiments more with melody, while still keeping the heaviness of Denominates debut EP “Realms of Confusion” present.


released August 5, 2016

Guitar - Kimmo Raappana
Guitar - Eetu Pylkkänen
Bass - Tuomas Pesälä
Vocals - Ville Männikkö
Drums - Joni Määttä

"Those Who Beheld the End" was recorded and mixed at a private studio in Oulu. The album was recorded and mixed by Joacim U. Belius and the mastering was done in Sweden at Unisound AB by Dan Swanö.

All album art by Juha Vuorma



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Denominate Oulu, Finland

Denominate is a progressive / technical deathmetal band from Finland.

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Track Name: In a Chasm of Stone
Infinity, the obvious to existence,
Aeons beyond it goes on
Passes us in bottomless oceans
Where sleeps the one to awaken...

Beneath endless streams of ideas,
Goes on without a thought
Beneath endless dreams, without a life to lose

Not all may fit into a lifetime,
Yet more than one to a dying moment
The memory fades, and the old,
Be reborn!

In a chasm, of solid stone,
The echoes breach silences' walls
Devouring deep below the solid,
Time yet come to awaken

A premonition of coming days
Ominous, dreary dreams of extinction
A lonely echo cried:

"It is the power, the power behind a name
The mind's shadow that blocks out even the brightest light"

If a dream is a shadow
The idea, a fragment of the fact
If the truth is solid, we are the rupture

Not all may fit into a lifetime
Yet more than one to a dying moment,
The memory fades, and the old,
Be reformed!

The light always casts a shadow,
In darkness it controls
In ways man can't comprehend,
This world unfolds

A premonition of coming days...

The silence for us it provides
The surreality hides us within
In darkness we're disguised
And found within we are again
Track Name: Degradation
In a material world we undervalue ourselves
Distorted worship identified as life

Forgotten, natural beauty and death
Unilateral falsity, polarity
Contrasting between the shades

Friction caused by our relentless
Dependence of control
Whipped ever onward
By the master's scourge
Carnal pleasures linked impurely
To a supposed higher purpose
Commanded by an iron grip of fear
To make us unable to see what we've become
And what is meant to be

Can't I take a step back?
From the edge of this pit of hopeless recoil
Or leap over the abyss
To purify sins committed?

Virtues omitted, divinity castrated
No shortcuts in the hedge maze
Only thorns in the spirit

Forgotten, natural beauty and death
Unilateral falsity, polarity
Contrasting between the shades

And therein we nurture
That insatiable ego
That rends deep and wounds
Not only the flesh
But the soul...
Track Name: Penumbra
Standing above what is soon to be a carcass
A habitat, for petty things
On the verge of extinction
Breathing dying breaths
An aeon's passing, underway

Crawling towards me, a devouring malice
Incessantly creeping closer is the inevitable breaking point

Freely taking what we surrender
That which was never ours to take
Our terrestrial corpse, is released
Into perpetual oblivion
We stand on the knife-edge,
One step from the void

As stone, frozen and forced to behold
Possibly the last fleeting moment
In between fatal possibilities

In between the realms of shadow and light our paths divide
One path leads down, one still searching for a way to survive
Fate is a colossal monstrosity without a reason, undividing
Nothings truly black or white, omnipresent and beyond all laws
Our existence is in...


Crawling towards me, a malevolent justice
Incessantly creeping closer

Freely breaking all constructs
Dissolving only to recreate
Our terrestrial corpse, so diseased
Introducing the ultimate eschaton
Now we hang on the knife-edge
Our lives are void...
Track Name: The Demented Scholar of Abatos
A servant of the usher of souls
Ferryman of the river Nile
Bringing forth the dead to rest
Unto the stones of the inaccessible isle

The place to which life is forfeit
Past the heavenly gates
The fortress of divine fire
The hidden flames of Thoth

A scholar of paranoid ways
Obsessed to protect the sacred isle
He would greet the souls that entered
With questions known only by the gods…
...and by the dead

Yet this priest, sworn to protect
This power born of Ra
In his error gave crossing
To souls, not on their way to Duat
Mistaking the dead for those alive,
He broke the vows to which he was bound
The thief stole the divine fire
And fled back across the waters

A place to which life is forfeit...


On the eve of theft
Begins our revolution
From the isle of death
Bring forth revelation


Track Name: Torments of Silence
Entering into a playground of thought, a vortex of gain, stagnation and loss
Decisions made here have the effects we have intended to see
Intent guides the course of our lives, shadows cast imagery before the eyes
Ignorant take off on breath of wind, yet the vigilant stand tall

Fighting on the frontlines of peace
Will you be able to ride out the storm, of hate without cause
Afflicted by all of the symptoms we fail to cure
Why refuse to treat yourself with words of wisdom
This knowledge that counters the fall
The wisdom not born of spite

In truth speak no words
Of the blessed hate, be not afraid
All this is in touch with clarity, so let the fire take the flesh

And still we stand our ground
Unswayed by the torments of time, bursting with hate towards all forms of life
Unbalanced, destructive, beneficial to form, as new worlds with old collide
Within this turmoil the masterplan resides
Unstoppable power, life force, dark side of life
This is what the wise would seek to hide

Now dead behind the frontlines of war, the storm has passed you by
Your life without cause, afflicted by all of the symptoms
No one's seen before, the disease is ignorance
And it ensures a fall...

...fall from grace!

Attempting to pierce the mist, with eyes that no longer see
Beyond that, before them, the latent force of god

Wasting our blessings, life force is taken
Days dead and gone, uphill towards defeat we ride
Until we greet the end, with open, wounded arms

In truth speak no words
Of the blessed hate, be not afraid
Be taken by the flame
Track Name: Apeirophobia
Is hell a state of mind
Heavens equal as torture?
Nothing lasts forever,
Except the idea of eternity...

Arising from a need
To achieve and repeat
Tainted by fear
To be doomed to predict
Every action
From here to eternity
Linked to the past,
The past to the future
The ageless serpent
Ever devouring itself
The Styx ever-flowing
Towards the source

All means to an "end"
One worse than the other
As you try to reclaim presence
Eternity just eats you away

No final separation comes
No wish, to remove the cause

In close presence on what’s to come
Concern for matters beyond the moment at hand
Witnessing a closure without the end

Paradoxal roads all lead to a cradle and grave
As you try to regain yourself
From a traumatic blessing
Not meant to save...
Track Name: Terrestrial Funeral
The end came creeping in from above
A primordial burial
The last knots of the threads unbind
Cemeteries remain
Only to remind those who would follow
Of our terrestrial funeral...

Ruins, like monoliths, towards the sky
Signaling the fall of an empire
Oceans - dead, black, devoid of life
The abyss from where no one stares back
Into you

A punishment unavoidable,
One not subdued by prayer
Crestfallen masters
A species soon forgotten
This harbinger
Transcendent in nature
Looming monstrously
Over us

It is a heavy veil to smother and to suffocate
Our opposition
Purgatory torn apart
And the ends loop back into one,
Singular hell, before the end